In-store information

Gifu Prefecture is blessed with high quality water, there are more than 50 sake
THE GIFTS SHOP has a large variety of Gifu local sake.


The Tono Region in Gifu Prefecture is a thriving area of ceramic production.
Look for your favourite sake drinking vessel in our sake product corner.


Seki city in Gifu Prefecture is famous nationwide as a district area for knife and blade production.
All types of knives: the blades are perfectly sharpened with outstanding design and finish.


High quality wooden furniture moving with the times in both elegance and practicality.
When you visit our shop you may feel the life showcased with Gifu products through a sensory experience of touching and observing them first-hand.

We are proud of our Gifu products in THE GIFTS SHOP and are confident to suggest high quality themed gift sets. We help you to convey your thoughts caring for your significant other.