Clear stream country Gifu

Gifu Prefecture is located nearly exactly in the center of Japan. Its size is ranked 7th in the country (10,621 km2) and as a landlocked prefecture, it is surrounded by seven other prefectures. In the northern Hida Region, the Japan Alps are over 3,000 meters

above sea level, in contrast, in the southern Mino Region , the Kiso Sansen (three
rivers : Kiso, Nagara and Ibi) flow into the Nobi plain. Blessed with lavish natural surroundings of the green mountains and clean waters, Gifu has long been known as the prefecture of "Hizan Nosui", which translates as “Hida's mountains and Mino's waters”.
Distinctive local industries such as ceramics, woodwork, cutlery, washi paper, plastics, textiles and food products have been able to thrive using the resources nurtured by their rich natural environments.

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